Be Thankful This Holiday Season

Blake LeVine PhotographYou are one of the most beautiful and creative people in our world. If you have been feeling down, please know you will push through. There is so much to be thankful for this holiday season. It may be the simple joys of being alive, having enough food to eat, friends, family or the ability to read this.

Much of enjoying life is learning to shift your thoughts to focus on what is working. I lost my only brother this year at age 27 and it would be easy to let this loss make me sad for the holidays. I am remembering his memory and celebrating the joys of having wonderful family and friends in my life. He would be happy I am taking care of my two children and enjoying life.

It is up to us to see the light in life. There are so many problems but it is up to us to remember what we are focusing on. I have learned life is far from easy. One of the best lessons is if we battle hard situations it develops our character and makes us stronger.

My wish if for you to have a blessed holiday season. You are an awesome person and there are people who love and need you in their lives. Please know if you are having a tough time there is help available. I really appreciate you reading this and thank you for letting me share these thoughts. I believe in you living a life that is enjoyable, exciting and filled with hope.


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