Developing Strength From Challenges

Nature PhotographyEach weekend I take time to listen to motivational speakers. I know that hearing encouraging and hopeful talks give me a chance to learn and develop. I had been thinking that I have faced many challenges over the last year. I wondered why I experienced so many battles. The speaker shared that we often develop and grow more when situations are the hardest. I began to think about this topic and searched my emotions.

I began to agree that I like when life is easier. When you have nothing to worry about, it is much easier to be peaceful and calm. I also know this sometimes leads us to being a bit lazy. One of the greatest motivational forces is pressure. I read about the formation of an oyster. It is found from a large amount of pressure being exerted. We don’t want to feel this pain but it leads to something beautiful. I have learned how strong and capable I am even after going through so much.

This has taught and given me a feeling of hope and happiness. I know there is nothing to fear since I have seen so much and am still standing. I have also developed a level of faith knowing that I have God by my side. This is the one thing I know will be with me for all of my days. I hold onto this and know it will lead me towards the light. I choose to embrace each day and make the best of it. This life is a gift and you are so special, powerful and unique. I give you credit for all that you have survived. You can press forward and meet your potential. Please know we support and believe in you handling any situation.

Thank you,

Blake LeVine, MSW


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