Fear and living with zero regrets

Fear is the root of all evil. It stands for false evidence appearing real. We make up stories in our minds of how things are going to play out. In reality, that is your story and probably won’t turn out like anything you anticipated.
I think if we all work to let go of fear we can really meet out true potential. To take risks and make changes are always scary, but you will never know what can be if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and try. We don’t want to have regrets for not changing something that you think needs to be changed. So many people get comfortable with relationships or circumstances that to make changes seem impossible. This hinders us from meeting our full potential.
I believe we are all doing our best with what we have. That is really all anybody can ask for. But, don’t live with regrets. I should have done that…or said that. Remember, people will always have comments or judge you but stay true to yourself and the vision you have for your life. The biggest lesson I have learned in the past few years is to not be affected about other’s opinions. This is a huge revelation!
Have a great weekend doing all things that make you happy.
Love peace and light,
Jennifer Levine


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