Bipolar and Balancing Fun and Work

laughI used to feel huge amounts of pressure. It felt as if I was not serious, than I was not working hard enough. It became clear that I needed to find enjoyment and pace myself. I now find time to be with friends, travel, read, write and laugh. I started my morning by listening to a few funny videos and my favorite songs. I know taking a short time to relax is a great way to stay motivated. I have been working 7 days a week and love what I do. This doesn’t mean I cannot time time to enjoy the gift of life.

There was a great story someone shared with me. A doctor had a patient who was very tense and stressed out. The patient said he was working so hard and didn’t have time to enjoy life. The doctor told the patient that the best comedienne in the world is in town. He suggested going to see him perform. It turned out the patient was the comic. He worked so hard to make others laugh that he was struggling. It was clear that the comic needed to have more fun.

I know you can find a balance in your life. This includes finding some activities which are enjoyable and helpful. One of the best investments you can make is finding time to love life. This experience is a gift and we need to make the best of it each day. I hope you have a terrific day.


Blake LeVine


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