Moving Forward Slowly With Depression and Bipolar Disorder

forestWe are in a culture that is used to having what we want when we want it. This includes faster food, information, help and answers. There is so much benefit to speed as it makes us happy. When we are hungry, who wants to wait 30 minutes to eat? The problem is sometimes in life slow and steady really does beat lightning speed.

I am learning that building anything takes time. It will be 12 years ago this month that I met my wife. I am still working to be the best husband possible. I have two kids and am trying to be patient, kind, helpful and hopeful. In my own goals, I am beginning to see progress. This has taken years of practice, persistence and determination. I’ve tried hundreds of times to have instant success and have usually come up with nothing.

The best achievements are often ones you have to work for over many years. One example is learning to be healthy with bipolar disorder. I have worked hard for close to 20 years on maintaining and improving my mental health. This was tested this year when many problems happened all at once. My response was to go slow and take my time. I did my best to handle each situation with poise, steadiness and hope. Most of the situations resolved themselves. I also learned how strong I am to be able to face rough stuff.

I know being a champion seems glamorous. We all know it is a thrill to stand in the end zone after having the game winning touchdown. We don’t know for how many years that athlete persisted through problems, injuries, set backs and adversity. I encourage you to become a winner in your own life. This means becoming stronger and learning how to press on no matter what hits you. You can do it and deserve the success you want. Thank you for taking a few moments to read this and let’s keep growing.


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