Your Unique and Special

IMG_0025When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder I felt so sad. As I sat in five psychiatric hospitals I feared I would never survive. I began to pray and ask for help. I would eventually find the right medications and therapy to rebuild my life. This was just the beginning of my life rebuilding and becoming beautiful. I have went on to write several books and help tons of families who live with depression and bipolar disorder.

You are unique and special. You have the ability to grow and thrive. It is not too late and your story has the ability to end in success and happiness. I never imagined when I was so sick that I would eventually get married. This December is 12 years since I met my wife. We now have two beautiful children. I know that your life can come back to health.

I believe we do need to seek help when we are struggling. It is often too hard to face our issues on our own. I remember feeling as if I was ashamed to share with others about what I was going through. I learned that it is not my fault and there is no shame having a health condition. I encourage you to find support and not battle these issues alone.

Thank you so much for the courage you have had to press on. I know you are important and valuable. Do not give up on the potential and abilities which are inside you. I wish you a beautiful day with warmth, love and light.

Thank you,

Blake LeVine


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