The Road To Progress

wpid-20140924_083643.jpgI’ve seen so much in my life that I try to remember that I am always learning. I know that living with a mental illness is a very hard obstacle. The best news is my challenges have taught me so much. I have learned to be slower and somewhat steadier. I also forgive and let go of anger towards others. Most importantly, I forgive myself for errors or mistakes I have made.

When I worked in a rehab earlier this year it opened up my eyes. I met many men who had been addicted to severe drugs. They admitted to doing things many could never imagine. This includes hurting others, robbing, stealing, selling drugs and leading a very dangerous life. One man even spoke of stealing from his own grandmother. When they needed money, they would do almost anything to get it.

They all worked to let go and forgive the past. The reality is there is no way to go back and change what they did. They ask God to forgive them and try to speak to some of those they harmed. This is not an easy process but one which is needed. I believe in my heart God does forgive us for mistakes. We all have made bad decisions. Our world is not simple or easy. We also glamorize certain ways of fast living.

If you struggled in your life please know you can change. It is never easy to turn around your life. I hope this holiday season you begin to go towards a healthier way of living. This may be taking care of your physical and mental health. It also includes forgiving yourself for mistakes you made. I am learning that life is a long process. If you are trying to improve this is a step in the right direction. We all have flaws and have made poor choices. This does not stop us from moving towards a better way of being. I wish you a wonderful day or evening. I appreciate you letting me share these lessons with you.


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