Bipolar and Finding Your Talents

pianoWhen you live with bipolar disorder there are so many issues to consider. It includes family and friends caring and worrying that you take care of your mental health. It is vital to see your doctor, therapist and work towards staying healthy. It is also important to go on a journey to see who you are. I know many with bipolar disorder have talents and gifts which are very valuable.

In my own life, I love to write and speak. I’ve made over 400 YouTube videos as well as speaking at dozens of organizations. This creative outlet has been a huge blessing in my life. I also take time daily to share my information on this website. These outlets are very positive and a wonderful way to express myself. I have learned that creative energies are best used in ways which help others and are able to inspire.

I share that it took many years to find balance with bipolar disorder. I would eventually learn about myself and mature. You may be a great sculptor, teacher, writer, rhymer, dancer, singer or musician. If you have a creative spark please find a way to release these energies. You may end up eventually creating a career with your healthy outlet. I know you can do it and have the potential to develop and grow your abilities.


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