Finding Love and Bipolar Disorder

heartThis morning I bought some wonderful books at Barnes and Noble. One was called Find In In Everything by Drew Barrymore. I met Drew when I was a very young boy and she was in her teens. She has come so far to be a fantastic actress. In her book she speaks about love. Drew shares how she tries to find love in every situation. I notice I am also trying to see what is positive or loving.

It has taken me a long time to transition to always seeing love. This includes being nice to others who are not as friendly, caring or loving. I have grown to understand that many who seem “mean” are actually wounded souls. In their journey they were hurt or felt not worthy of love. This leads them to not being nice and always expecting others to hurt them.

I encourage those of us with bipolar disorder to learn to let love in. This may mean caring and loving those in your life. It may also mean being open to rebuilding and reconnecting. If you learn to love life, life will give you more love. I am seeing when I am kind almost everyone gives kindness back to me. Even those who do not seem as warm do not bother me much because there is no room to go into their pity party. I give you love today and thank you for reading this.


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