A Sign From Loved Ones

DepressionBookI am very happy to spend time with family this Thanksgiving. I have had some moments feeling sad because my brother and grandmother died this year. I was thinking about both of them this week when I had a wonderful experience. My brother Adam was 27 when he died. He used to drive a jeep with no top. I was thinking of him when I spotted a similar jeep with a young man driving it. The jeep was to my left and then suddenly got in front of me. We hit a red light and the white jeep was directly in front of me. I was thinking of my brother and that I love him. The license plate of the jeep I saw said LUVU2. I believe this was no mistake. My brother was telling me he loves me from beyond. This little wink made me much happier.

It is so important to be in touch with your emotions. The holidays are sometimes hard for us. I believe finding support around you is so helpful. We offer a wonderful phone coaching program. If you need any help please call us at (213) 304-9555 or email blake.levine@aol.com

I wish you a blessed day filled with love and light.


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