Don’t Give Up

DepressionBookI know many times we face hard battles. This year losing my only brother at 27 was a shock. It came at a time when I was facing many struggles. My wife was extremely depressed, I had just moved, my grandma died and I had financial issues. I made a bold choice to not let my burdens bury my dreams. I began to work harder than ever to stay healthy. I quit drinking, began a daily workout regimen, ate healthier and kept growing. I also began to write a book to share my brother’s life and help those facing problems.

You have a decision to make today. It is up to you to not let your struggles ruin your dreams and potential. I know you have the ability to grow, stretch and achieve what is in your heart. Many champions face so many problems on the road to their success. It is very vital to keep going. I also began a relationship with God which is helping in huge ways. I pray often and feel blessed to have something positive which helps me in hard times.

I believe you can grow and survive. I believe in your potential and know it is never too late to begin again. My life has been a huge series of struggles but it is getting easier. I would not let sadness ruin my life. I believe you can keep growing and never stop working towards your potential. Thank you for taking a moment to read this and I hope you have an awesome day.

The book I wrote about my brother is at:


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