When To Remember The Positive In Your Life

IMG_0082This past week was a slow week for me. It is often in quiet times that our ego and mind goes towards fear. I decided to have some fun and enjoy the positives in my life. This includes taking some time to do a nature workout with my wife in a beautiful park. I also shared a fun time having lunch with my beautiful sister. I also took my son on a few walks and to our local park.

My daughter and I had some fun dancing, listening to music and practicing gymnastics. I am feeling blessed that there are some very joyous aspects of my life. This includes being able to share my life with a wonderful family and fantastic lifelong friends. I also have learned not to slip into sadness and darkness. When I used to get sad or bored I would start eating and numbing my feelings. I have chosen to enjoy life and make healthier choices.

This weekend I am looking forward to seeing some friends for dinner, going to a book fair in Miami and enjoying my children. It is always up to us about our outlook. We have a choice to focus on the love and light around us. I wish you a wonderful day and hope you have a fun night.


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