Mood Swings And Motivation

wpid-wp-1413582292566.jpgWhen you feel terrific it seems easy to accomplish goals. It is during those times you have the energy and ambition to keep pressing forward and working towards success. This article shares how to handle the times when you feel tired, scared, nervous, confused or hopeless. One suggestion is to set achievable goals on the harder days. When you feel well it is easy to do everything you need to happen. When you are feeling ill or struggling you may still need to do certain activities. This includes learning to slow down and do tasks which you are capable of.

One example was a client who was working full time at a company in a sales position. When she was feeling up to it she was determined, persistent, kind, helpful and motivated. When her mood swings kicked in she would often stay up late each night. This would cause her to wake up tired and not want to go to work. In the past, she would call in sick and rest. She ended up losing a good job because she was absent to frequently. In her new position she was open about facing depression and bipolar disorder. He boss understood that this was a piece of her history.

The team appreciated how vital her gifts are to her team. They rely on her and love her passion and drive. When she started feeling tired she opened up to her team leader. They created a schedule that had less tasks each day. They determined having her work half a day and achieve four goals is better than her working a whole day feeling upset and making mistakes. She still did produce much success with a reduced schedule. She eventually felt better and the rest helped her rebuild her confidence. Her team appreciates that everyone is different. When they honor her by helping her function they are doing a huge positive for everyone. This has allowed her to reach her full potential.

It is clear that those of us with mood issues sometimes struggle to have consistent work. In my own life, I have slowly learned how to balance work with keep mentally healthy. This includes having a balance which allows me to rest, be with family, do physical activity and meditate. I accomplish more with understanding myself than I did when I put a massive amount of pressure on my mind. I realize that even with my flaws I still have the ability to contribute. If you have a tough time it is helpful to assess what steps would help. I give you credit for trying hard to work through what you are feeling. I believe an honest dialogue with yourself sometimes will help you realize where you are at. I know you have the potential to make positive changes.


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