Love Is Powerful When Dealing With Depression

loveWe must admit that depression is very rough on everyone it impacts. It has the power to knock you down and take away your hope. There are tons of articles about treatments available for depression. I encourage those facing these issues to seek medical help. This article is meant to focus on the importance of love when a family member or you are dealing with depression. One of the hardest parts of depression is how it makes you feel that being alone is better than sharing time with others.

This often is why many with depression are isolated and alone. I share my story with a heavy heart. I have a friend who I made when I moved to Florida. We had connected through a work project. I planned on spending much time hanging out with him, playing tennis, going out and enjoying Florida. When I first moved in January, he took my wife and I out to an amazing dinner. He even treated us and it was such a nice evening. His birthday was this week and I was looking forward to treating him to dinner. I knew he has been depressed and withdrawn. I knew taking him out would have been a nice night and a great way to show him I appreciated how nice he was for my birthday.

We had plans on Saturday and I did everything to make it work. This included watching my kids all day so my wife would watch them for a few hours in the evening. He ended up not responding to my texts and calls. I felt sad and even a bit depressed that he ignored me when we had plans to get dinner. He didn’t respond and the next day he wrote saying he was very sorry. He admitted he is very depressed and struggling mentally. I knew this and realize he needs to seek treatment. One piece of me wanted to be angry and not talk to him. I chose to show kindness and love. I said whenever he is up to it I will gladly take him to dinner.

I know sometimes those around us seem to put on a smile. They may be nice and friendly but many deep down are very sad. Please show love to everyone. There are many who are silently battling depression and a huge amount of issues. It is more popular to show how awesome you are doing on Facebook than to admit you are alone or depressed. This is the exact reason I write here each day. We need to be open and not be afraid to admit our emotions. You are not alone in what you are feeling and facing. I want to thank you so much for taking a few moments to read this. I believe in you growing and becoming stronger. We will not give up on you and do not give up on yourself. We can and will survive.


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