Depression and Bipolar and Building A Business

DepressionBookI have read many articles teaching about leadership and building a business. There are many steps which give a business the best chance of long term success. It is clear depression and bipolar play a role in companies. This includes staff who live with these issues along with the problems management faces. I share my own journey in growing a business and how my mental health has benefited from the skills I have developed. When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder it was easy to want to feel better right away. I also wanted success and to achieve my goals instantly.

Many business owners also want to achieve their mission right away. It is often long term persistence and developing a warrior mentality to grow. This includes having ups, downs and the many feelings along the way. There is not one founder of a new business who does not face obstacles. I have read about billion dollar founders almost being homeless, broke, depressed and thinking of giving up. It is those that keep rising and moving forward that end up reaching their long term goals. We all know Apple is a huge company. Steve Jobs has passed away but his legacy continues. He faced so many struggles to build and then rebuild his company. There are several tips which help anyone growing a business. The main one is to press forward always but to be willing and able to adjust. There are many lessons learned along the way which help you grow mentally and emotionally.

I started this company a few years ago and the beginning was both exciting and hard. I kept going and began to see success. When my brother shockingly died from addiction and depression this year I was thrown for a loop. I never thought he would be dead at 27. I also feel sad he wasn’t open about his battles with addiction and depression. The truth is I would have stopped my business and focused on him if I knew that he was struggling. His life is more important that anything and I was very sad. During this time I made a hard choice. I stopped drinking any alcohol and did my best to stay away from any type of addiction.

I also began to write a book to help other young people who face depression and addiction. My healing tool also will inspire others to learn from my loss. The book is now out and I am pushing to share it with as many people as possible. We just mailed over 1,000 rehabs, psychiatric hospitals and organizations to encourage them to show the book to those they help. I also feel my mission to build my business is stronger than ever. If I can help save other lives than my brother did not die in vain.

If you have a dream please never give up. Many of the most accomplished individuals struggled in massive ways. Thomas Edison tried thousands of times before inventing his version of the lightbulb. Steve Jobs was thrown out of his own company and eventually came back. The world is filled with stories of dreamers who had their ideas beaten up. It is the fighters who keep going that become a unicorn. In startup investing, they all dream of a unicorn. This is a business that reaches a billion dollar valuation. The reality is those who achieve this have the gift of believing in their work. I know my business will touch many lives and already has. I will work tirelessly to achieve the ambitions God placed in my heart.

I have met many of the most accomplished notables. I did this because I wanted to see those who actually achieved success. Each of them and their lives are examples of valuable lessons. I am proud to say I personally met Mother Teresa, Michael Jackson, The Dalai Lama, Margaret Thatcher, Frank Sinatra, and many others. They each did it their way as Frank Sinatra sang. I believe in life you have to do what you are here for. It may be hard to try and reach your purpose when others doubt your dreams. I encourage you to stay balanced and keep on building. You have the potential to reach all of your goals. Please remember to enjoy the journey and don’t just wait to reach the finish line. Once you do get there, there will be another race to run.

Blake LeVine


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