Slowing Down and Removing Fear And Stress With Depression

sunflower-and-butterfly-in-blue-sky_087082Our mind often feels stress and fear. One major part of depression is your mind feeling nervous or frightened. There are medications which help the mind to calm down and be able to function. I have learned that we also have a major role to play in helping remove our fears. This includes learning about ways to slow down and be calm. The best part of life is when we remove the pressure we feel and replace it with love.

Once in a while I have fearful thoughts. In the past they would dominate my life and rob me of the joy. It helped to tell myself 3 affirmations each day. I began to do this many years ago and it slowly changed my thinking. I began to accept that I am healthy, happy and terrific. I would literally say this to myself every morning. This year I began to wake up in the morning and right away thank God for all the good in my life. This changes how I feel and continues to help. I used wake up thinking I am so tired, maybe I should go back to sleep or regretting all that needs to happen. When I replace this with love and being happy to just wake up it calms me down. I did this after my brother died this year which taught me that life is special. It is worth me investing in learning to be as joyous as possible with the days I am here on Earth.

I encourage you to look for ways to find more peace. You may benefit from physical activity. I have learned that I love nature walks. I go many days each week for one hour for a long walk. I started slowly and eventually added push ups, squats, and many forms of strengthening. This has helped my physical health and my mental health. When I am using my body it feels stronger, happier and better. I know developing this habit is a great choice which I will continue to work on. Would you be open to finding healthy ways to help improve your own life? It may be as simple as reading a good article, listening to soothing music, or taking a moment to appreciate what is working in your own life.

It seems life is never easy for anyone. Even if you have a good moment there will be times of challenge. It is so valuable to develop the skills to learn how to make the best of our lives. I know it is a long process but it is well worth the efforts. I wish you so much happiness today. Even if you are struggling I give you a huge amount of credit for taking time to read this. I hope whatever you are going through that you know how terrific and awesome you are. I believe none of us are perfect but if we try that says we are willing to move forward. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Blake LeVine


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