Making the best of a situation

There are certain times in your life where you need to look at the situation at hand and realize that it might not be ideal but there are some things that are working and choose to focus on that. For instance I am really having a hard time adjusting to Florida which is not ideal for me. However, because we live here near family we have the support that we didn’t have when we lived across the country. I now know that is why we are here at this very instant in time. I am referring to this period of my life as the holding pattern. During this holding pattern I am going to make the best of it. Have fun, be a superb wife and mother and cherish those mornings when I can leisurely watch the today show without rushing out of the house. I know this situation won’t be forever but I am making the best of it.
Hope everyone has a fab weekend!
Love peace and light
Jennifer Levine



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