Deepak Chopra And Meditation For Depression

deepakMy mother and I went to a beautiful event at our local temple. They brought Deepak Chopra to share his lessons and speak about many topics. One of the most exciting parts of the lecture was the feeling in the room. You could tell that the 1600 people who attended were all looking for more spiritual knowledge. I know those of many faiths were together enjoying the information, hope and knowledge.

At the end of the evening there was a vital skill taught about meditation. Deepak led all of us to slowly close our eyes and to learn to let go. We connected with our source and found peace. You could sense the room was calm, happier, more joyful and loving. We all enjoyed a few minutes to release the stress and fear. It was a time to look inward and connect with our soul.

I had a remarkable time sharing this experience with my mother. She is a therapist and has guided many families. My mom is wonderful with others and has a huge heart. It was awesome to share this experience with her. We ended up finishing the evening by meeting Deepak Chopra personally and having him sign his new book. I encourage you to look up Deepak and buy one of his 75 books that he has authored. He is a dynamic and talented speaker, author, and intuitive teacher. I wish you a wonderful weekend with light, joy, happiness and peace.


Blake LeVine


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