Taking the positive route

In life we all have choices. We have choices how to act, react, what to say or do and how to think. We know when to walk away from a situation before things get out of hand or say things we may not mean. These choices dictate on how our experiences will be. We can choose to stay positive, focused on what is at hand and move on.
I chose to react in a certain way tonight and I believe that it was in my best interest and those around me to react positively and rationally. It is easier for us to regress into a negative mind frame and feel sorry for ourselves. In the end, if this was what I decided to do it would make my experience and those around me feel worse. I am proud of my decision to not go the negative route. In the heat of the moment remember you to have a choice. We are so lucky that we have that power.
Hope you had a great weekend and an even better week.
Love peace and light,
Jennifer Levine


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