Being Willing To Go Through The Process of Depression and Bipolar Disorder

heartI admit that when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder it knocked me down for a long time. I also know how hard depression and bipolar are for those I work with. My own wife struggles with depression and this year was her toughest journey. I share these truths to give you some hope. It has been over 20 years since I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have learned and continue to develop skills to fight the issues that could take away the positives in my life.

I was speaking with a client last night who said they feel they try so hard to focus on the positive. It seems as if sadness and negativity are always trying to creep in. We spoke that there is a choice when this happens. It is easier to throw in the towel and say everything is horrible. The problem is this steals all of our peace and happiness. It has the potential to take away everything we have worked so hard to achieve. I encouraged her to make it through the hard day and that tomorrow may be easier.

When you have depression it sometimes tricks your brain. It tells you it will never get better and there is no hope. This is when we sometimes use addictions to hide from the pain. It seems easier to escape than to live feeling the problems. Then the next day, we are caught needing the addiction again. If you will go through the rough day, you may get to tomorrow and feel more hopeful. I also have witnessed many turn their lives around who face bipolar and depression. When I was so sick and in the psychiatric hospital it took every ounce of faith and encouragement to survive. I now find it easier to remember the good in life.

If you are having a tough time do not give in. You have the potential to work through your situation. I promise that there is always hope if we allow the light in. We can come together and help each other. I am happy to share lessons each day with the main message that we will make it through whatever we face. I know optimism is not always easy to feel. The reality is with no hope we cannot break free from the chains of mental illness. I read a study about mice in a bathtub. There was one test where they were placed in a tub with water and no light. They all quickly drowned. In the other tub there was a bright light in the room. They swam for hours and survived. What was the difference? In the one tub they had light and hope. In the darkness they had fear and hopelessness. We all need to let light into our minds and hearts. Please know we believe in you and will be here each day to add a few minutes of encouragement to inspire and help you in your journey. You are never alone and let’s make positive changes together.


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