Date night

Tonight my husband Blake and I enjoyed a night out just the two of us. We have a 1 year old so needless to say I have not been going out to restaurants. What a great night!
Today was a rough day for me. Some days I feel “stuck”. By the end of the evening I felt better. It is important to have someone in your life that you can talk to and get things off your chest. For me, that is my husband. We both agree that I have come a long way in terms of my depression. We are allowed to have an off day now and then. Please know that you are not alone and chances are if you had a bad day you will wAke up happier the next day ready to start the day.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I hope that you keep coming back
to our site for support and guidance. Tomorrow we are doing the Nami ( national alliance for mental illness) walk. We will be blogging live from there so check it out!
Love peace and light,
Jennifer Levine


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