Supporting Others With Depression and Bipolar Disorder

wpid-20140924_083643.jpgI spend a large amount of my time working to help families and individuals who live with mental illness. Over the last several years, I have met many other amazing individuals who serve others. One of the best groups helping is called The National Alliance on Mental Illness. They offer free support groups, education and are a lifeline for families. I have had the honor of going to over 20 local chapters and doing educational discussions about these topics.

When I first moved to Florida in January I called the Broward chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. They were so warm and kind. We put together a talk for their group. They were worried only a few members might attend. We were all happy when nearly fifty people showed up! It was a great night and you could feel the positive energy in the room. I found out that the Broward chapter does a yearly walk to raise money for their organization. My wife and I are excited to participate. We will be walking and also have supported the walk by sponsoring a table about our work.

I know chapters around the world offer walks to help raise funds for The National Alliance on Mental Illness. It is a great way to be outside, meet others and support a fantastic organization. I am happy to share their details at

You may also enjoy their free support groups found on their website at

I encourage you to attend a free local support group in your area. You may also help a great group by finding a local walk to be a part of. It is so helpful to be around others who understand what you are feeling and facing. Please know you are never alone and you can overcome your challenges. I look forward to helping tomorrow to educate and walk to raise money for those of us with mental illness. When were are together we can accomplish wonderful steps. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wish you a wonderful Friday filled with love, laughter, light and hope.


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