My wife has taught me a huge amount about hard work. She always studies and is persistent in learning. I am proud that she almost never misses a day of work. She shows me that success comes from determimation, focus and efforts. She also shows me that teamwork is vital.

We have been working together and are a great team. She is very steady and driven. I am more flexible and easy going. She taught me to wake up early, be consistent and always be helpful. I have taught her to remove her limits and to believe in herself.

In life you may learn from someone who has different skills than you. It is easy to get along with those who do the same things. We often learn more from others who have different gifts. It helps to step out of your comfort zone and try new activities.

In life we have the ability to adapt and grow. I encourage all of us to try new things and be open to learning. I am smart because I accept that I know very little. There is so much more to understand about life. I am excited for new lessons and experiences. It helps to remember that struggles are often our best teachers. My mental illness has shown me so many educational lessons which I continue to learn.


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