Investing In Relationships

When you meet new people it is vital to invest in them. This means being kind, warm, honest and learning about the other person. Many with bipolar do not get close to others over fears of being rejected. It is also a learning process to make a new friendship.

When you take time to meet others it is vital. We all need others around us and in our lives. I am much happier recently as I have met new friends, become closer with my family and developed nice clients to help. It is important to not be alone. One major part of life is feeling connected.

I remember when I was sick in the beginning of being diagnosed. It felt easier to be alone and not worry about if others would reject me because of being ill. I feared other teenagers would make fun of me since I was in five psychiatric hospitals. It was very depressing and rough.

In my own therapy I realized I do not have to suffer alone. Over the years I learned to be comfortable around others. I am so blessed to be married to my best friend. I also have two wonderful children who I adore. I know you have the potential to find others to support and inspire you. I believe in you and encourage you to press forward. Thanks and wish you an awesome day.


Blake LeVine



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