Changes and Depression

wpid-wp-1413381669313.jpgWe often make changes in our lives. It is also normal to experience different situations. Many of us become comfortable in what we know. This might mean a relationship that is toxic, a job we hate, or living in fear. We know that these problems need to change or shift. It is normal to worry about how you will be able to handle your life being different. It is sometimes scarier to let go of what is not working than to do something new.

In my own life I let go of many behaviors, addictions and ways of living which are harmful. During the transition, I felt nervous about stopping certain activities. I learned to eventually accept that it was time to begin fresh. I now look back feeling so joyful that I am living differently. I woke up today feeling tired. I instantly thanked God for all the positive in my life. This includes a place to live, friends, family, my wife and children. I spent the first five minutes being appreciative for everything in my life. This helped me become happier and let me start my morning calmer and more peaceful.

I encourage you to at any moment be willing to adjust how you feel. If you begin to focus on what is working you will feel more optimistic. It takes a great amount of time to train yourself to look at the glass half full. The good news is you can work towards that and over many years the behavioral patterns do change. You also may enjoy being around others who are working on feeling more connected and open to loving life. I find I now enjoy being around friends who are also trying to live a wonderful and enjoyable life.

It is sometimes hard to change. I know that even if we fight it, there will always be new experiences. It may be part of our living is learning important lessons. When you let go of the old it is possible to embrace the new. I hope for you today that you work to let love and light in. You may have faced so much but you are strong. You are brave, beautiful, hopeful, happy, healing and terrific. I wish you a gorgeous day with as much love as you can experience.

Thank you,

Blake LeVine


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