Music And Bipolar Disorder

pianoI admit that many of my favorite life experiences are based around music. It has been so helpful to listen to songs that help me to feel happier. I noticed something early in my life that I do not read about often. When I hear a song my brain focuses on the words. If a song has lyrics about something bad happening it is challenging for me to listen. My wife hears the beat and says she doesn’t notice the words. In my own brain, it is very hard to not be impacted by what the artist is saying. I even found my mood changes if I listen to a very negative or depressing song.

It seems that music impacts those of us with bipolar in ways that are different. Many with bipolar have highly developed minds. They often are highly sensitive and intuitive. This is why some of us feel the music and the lyrics intensely. I do not believe everyone with bipolar disorder experiences these reactions. There are also some without mental illness that have a strong reaction to the words in the songs they listen to. It has become helpful for me to accept this and make choices which support my health.

I encourage you to find songs which help you to feel happier, more encouraged and supported. I don’t usually listen to sad songs except when I am in the mood to hear them and let out some of my pain. When my brother died this year, some deep and sad songs helped me connect with the pain inside. If I heard a few songs with sad lyrics, it gave me a few minutes to let out the heavy emotions I was facing. I also am okay to turn off the radio or change the channel if I do not like the song I hear. I now know I do not have to listen to a song with lyrics that make me unhappy or impact my mood.

It is my belief that music has some healing powers. I know inspiring songs often lift us up and improve our mood. I know many of our favorite adventures are based around songs we heard. When you listen to those songs it brings you back to a happier time. I even read a study about elderly folks who had trouble speaking. They put music on that they loved when they were children. The seniors began to feel motivated and many had a higher level of brain activity. I think we all need music and understanding this is vital. I hope this articles encourages you to understand how you feel when hearing songs. May you have a great day filled with laughter, love, light and maybe even some terrific music.


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