loveRight now I am listening to the song “Brave” by Sarah Bareilles.  I absolutely love this song and put it on to remind me to go through each day showing and giving love.  I have learned that each day we have on this Earth is an absolute blessing.  I have been a PA and have worked with many people who have cancer and they explain to me how there whole world is rocked to the core when they hear this word.  Each test, blood drawer and doctor’s visit brings anxiety and fear.  I am reminded often how every day is an opportunity to bring love and light into your life.  It is an opportunity to remain positive and optimistic and know that you deserve abundance and you are being guided.

The above picture demonstrates the light that all of you have.  Sometimes it needs to be discovered for the first time or reignited because it has been dim for quite sometime.

Thank you so much for checking out our website.  We really enjoy sharing our thoughts and feelings with you.  Everything we write comes from the heart.  We hope that our insight and lessons that we are learning throughout our journey will help and inspire you.

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.  May your Sunday bring joy and love and do things that you LOVE.  Remember, it is all about LOVE.

Love, peace and light,

Jennifer Levine


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