Bipolar And Pacing Your Work

wpid-wp-1413382025329.jpgI came to work this Saturday and am happy to have some time to focus on a few business related projects. I have learned some very valuable lessons since I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. One is that I enjoy working on new projects. This is a piece of who I am and what allows me to use my energies. There are big differences in how I work today than when I was sick  in my teenage years. I used to work nonstop for hours and sometimes days. This always led to my mental health being impacted and many problems.

I’ve learned to take my time and to create a structure. As an example, I am working today from 9-2pm. I will not stay and work without giving myself time to find balance. I have written several books by working consistently each day for a certain amount of hours. I don’t mind taking my time for several reasons. One is that I now have something to look forward to do tomorrow. I also do not burn out and find it more enjoyable to pace myself. This had led to many years of maturing and making positive change. I no longer live in a mania working hard and fast only to fail and give up. I would much rather be steady and be in it for the long run.

Do you have activities you enjoy doing each day? Would it help to take your time and slowly change your pattern? It might be so much simpler to not pressure yourself. I encourage making a small list each day of what you need to do. You can then mark down the ones you complete and then finish the rest the next day. It is usually better to be consistent than to do alot and then burn out. I have been happier and healthier since I learned to take my time with my work. I still have managed to accomplish a great deal over a many year time span. This slow and steady mentality has helped me develop into a better human being. I now try to teach others that slow change is not exciting. What is terrific is actually achieving goals that are within your ability to do.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read this. I wish you a great day of peace, balance, calm and happiness. It takes time to grow and learn about our lives. I wish you much enjoyment as you work to change. I hope these articles are a great free tool to educate and help you along your journey. I’ll be back tomorrow to share some more lessons.


Blake LeVine


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