Addiction And Depression

DepressionBookIt is so common for us to have addictions. It may be food, cigarettes, gambling, sex, alcohol or drugs. We often begin using these early in life. It is often an addiction which we use to fill some void or feeling of loneliness. I know in my own life I had several addictions. One of the hardest parts of stopping is it feels good to use what we are addicted to. Our mind often plays tricks on us to keep us going back to the addiction.

I used to smoke cigarettes beginning in my teens. I made friends as I stood with others smoking in college. I also used it as what I told myself was a way to remove stress. I eventually faced breathing issues from the smoking and knew I needed to stop. I tried and failed many times. I would quit and then in a weak moment start with “just one more”. This would lead to a full relapse and I would be smoking again.

When I finally quit for good I made a decision. I would never have one more smoke. I knew if I did I would start again. It has been many years since I have stopped. I am healthier, happier and stronger since I quit. The reality is most people face some addiction. I have learned to find positive things to focus my energy on. This includes drinking lots of water, going on hikes and spending time with my children. I know when I beat an addiction my heart and mind feel better. The addiction only takes away and eventually harms us.

If you are struggling with an addiction please know we believe in you. It is never too late to stop and change the addiction. You can win your battle and go on to live a healthier life. My little brother died this year from addiction at age 27. He sadly lost his struggle but his life can be a teaching example. If you do not stop addictions you face a big risk. I pray your family and you overcome the addictions which take away from your life force. Thank you for taking some time to read this. I send a huge virtual hug and thank you for letting me share this lesson with you.


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