Sinking Feelings With Depression

wpid-20140919_083152.jpgMany of our minds are able to be positive. When something bad happens we begin to slip into negative feelings. I remember how for many years I would work to lose weight. I felt great eating well, having more energy and knowing I was on the right path. I would then face an issue such as a problem with a friend. This would cause me to be upset and I would eat my feelings. This pattern went on for many years and was very tough. I decided it would be up to me to change my programming.

I learned early in life that eating fattening foods was a way to deal with pain. If I felt sad, alone, or hurting this would numb my feelings. I began to see that this was destructive and was causing health problems. I also tried many get thin quick diets to lose the extra pounds. When something made me upset I would throw away the goals and end up failing. I decided two years ago to change my patterns.

It became clear that only eating perfectly and with healthy foods might not be realistic. I began to cut 200-400 calories each day from my eating. I also started 4-5 days a week of a workout routine. This time I focused on achievable goals and maintaining them. I would not try to be perfect and then give up when I failed. I also learned to look at my emotions. There are healthier outlets than eating when upset. I now journal, write, meditate and pray when upset. This has helped me in many ways and gives me something positive to do when I am upset.

I often tell clients that none of us will be perfect. It is often better to make small changes over a very long period of time. If you can develop healthier patterns you may figure out that change is possible. You are also learning the programming that teaches you how to properly deal with issues. Many of us fall into addictions when we feel the stress or sadness building up. The addictions seem to remove the pain though it is not the right answer. The addiction will always cause us pain and the problem will still be there. It is easy to say this and much harder to actually live this way. I am learning that small and slow changes are able to be learned. If we do this over and over it will become our new pattern. Many of us have lived in negative patterns for years. It is often not our fault as we grow up learning this is the way to handle issues.

You reading this says you are open to making different choices. I encourage you to go on the journey of finding more health and happiness. I know how much better we feel when we honor our minds and bodies. I wish you much success as you develop the habits of a winner. You can do it and we believe in you!


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