Bipolar Disorder Relaxation Tips and Techniques

Nature PhotographyI am the first to admit I live with bipolar disorder. It has been helpful to accept and realize I have a mental illness. This has allowed me to be willing to do the work to maintain a healthy life. There are some key steps which have provided me with the ability to move forward.

One key step is to make sure to take your medication daily. I’ve been on a prescription regimen for almost 18 years. One of the hardest parts of recovery is many stop taking their medications when they feel better. They wrongly assume that they no longer need any help. This poor choice has caused many to face hospitalizations and hurt their lives. As hard as it is to take medication daily this is one of the most important pieces to handling a mental illness.

I’ve also made it part of my routine to take care of my mind and body. I do this by sleeping enough each day. I do physical activity and love taking nature walks and moving daily. This morning I woke up feeling some anxiety. I chose to take several steps to calm down. I went to visit my parents and sister. We spent a few minutes talking and having a nice time. I then went to my office and listened to a guided meditation. This allowed me to relax and remove stress.

I know each day we make choices. If we take a few minutes to meditate, do yoga, be in nature or get a massage it will help. When you relax you are soothing your mind and body. It is so helpful to be able to let go of our worries and be peaceful. I hope you will learn to let go of some of your pressures. If you take a path to being calm you are likely to be happier and healthier. One of the best rewards of taking the right steps is you are going to handle anything that happens. I hope today is a day of calm and light for you!


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