Consistent Progress


I went to the gym today and began a long walk on the treadmill. When I finished I played basketball. I practiced easier shots many times. I began to find my groove and started making baskets.

In the past I would go for hard shots and often miss. It is thrilling to make a tough three pointer. I know much success is learning to be consistent. It may feel boring for some to do the day to day work.

This might be taking your medications, sleeping enough, being productive and having a positive attitude. It may less thrilling as being in a mania. The important part is we become better with much practice.

In life you will sometimes score the game winning shot. You will love being on top of the mountain of your goal. Most days will be routine and sometimes seem slow. We all benefit from learning to do things slowly and steadily. This will give us a better opportunity to meet our potential.


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