Choosing Peace


One of the keys to health is staying calm. It is a choice to be peaceful. Today I had many work related activities. One was an appearance on a local television show. I also had to go to the DMV.

During the day I was kind on each stop. I decided to not rush and take away feelings of pressure. I also made a stop at a local place called Faith Farm. This is a place that allows those in recovery to live for free for a year. They fund the place by selling donated items. All of the workers are those in the program who work to earn their free living.

I went there last month to furnish my new office. We were on a tight budget. We were able to secure a couch, chair, paintings and decorate the office. They delivered the furniture and did an amazing job. Two people in the program carried a huge couch up three flights of steps. There kindness and dedication was so moving.

I went today to support their work. I bought my wife a beautiful necklace handmade by the women living and working in the program. I found two books to give my daughter. I also bought a cabinet and a used Polo shirt. The best part was my purchase helps them save lives.

I found out about this place while working as a therapist in a local rehab facility. One of the men was homeless and had been drinking for many years. His wife and kids died in a car crash when he was young. This is part of why he became addicted. He was hoping to get another chance and live at Faith Farm.

The hour spent there allowed me more peace. On gentleman named Angel shared about his mom dying. He became sad and used cocaine and alcohol to numb his feelings. He is now sober and in the Faith Farm program. He helped me today where he works at the shop to earn his one year of free living and food.

You never know how kindness will touch another humans life. My day was blessed by supporting this local organization. You can decide to be kind to another person and it is very valuable. I am learning how kindness help our mental health. I pray you find hope and know you can handle whatever you face. Here is to supporting your growth and moving towards loving life.


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