Bipolar Disorder and Being Part Of A Group

handsWhen I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder I remember many intense feelings. One was wondering if others would accept me even though I live with a mental illness. I also was scared what other children would think. As I became healthier, I worked on these very topics with my therapist. I grew to accept that my diagnosis was not my fault. I also began to know that I could be with others.

Over many years I attended support groups, activities and learned to be around others. I also am very close with my family and we spend much time enjoying life. I now watch as they enjoy my children and being grandparents. One of the hardest feelings in life is isolation. Many of us feel alone and it is even tougher when diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder. I’ve worked with many helping them learn how to meet others.

One terrific step is to join a group in your community. There are many free groups provided by The National Alliance on Mental Illness and The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. I’ve had the honor of speaking at many of these groups and the people are some caring and warm. They understand first hand what it is like to face these issues. Many of those involved have kids with these issues or themselves face them. The warmth and kindness within these meetings is extremely uplifting. You may meet someone else who wants to be part of your life. I encourage you to see their group details at or

The best lesson today is not to be alone. If you find a group then be a part of it. If you have family who you care about speak with them. We feel happier when we are connected to each other. One of the most important parts of being high functioning has been to learn not to isolate and to sometimes be willing to meet others. I hope you have a great and I believe in you making positive change.


Blake LeVine


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