Love is the answer

friendsGood evening.   I have been listening to my favorite self help guru Louise Hay in the car.  I have not been touched by anyone like Louise Hay. Her main message is all you need is love.   Once you replace fear with love, you will begin to attract love and positive things.   It all starts with loving yourself.  You are the center of your world.  You and only you can choose your thoughts and feelings.  What kind of thoughts do you have day to day? Are they positive or negative?  Are they lifting you up or pulling you down?  Once you begin to love yourself then good things happen.  A lot of people unfortunately never have true love for themselves.   If you don’t love yourself, how is possible to love others?  So the song All You Need is Love keeps playing in my mind.  Thank you Louise for making real sense and getting through to me.   I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL.   I am transforming from a state of fear to a state of love.   It feels so good!
Love peace and light,
Jennifer Levine


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