Lifting Your Spirits One Thought At A Time

waterIn the ebbs and flows of life you will experience many situations. As a bipolar survivor I’ve lived many wonderful and challenging situations. One of the most important aspects of my recovery has been to learn to see the positive in situations. I spoke with a client who shared about feeling negative.

We spoke about why a positive attitude is vital to seeing the changes you want. The first part is that you figure out how to make your current status feel happier and more peaceful. The client was worried about so much and thought it would be hard to find something good within their life. We began to explore what are the possibilities. The client struggled for many weeks and didn’t see much change.

The work continued and her feelings started to shift. She began to feel a bit more hopeful each day. Even 2 percent daily improvement led to over 50 percent happier emotions after two months. She began to feel that there is the potential to learn and evolve. Within a few months, she was motivated and healing.

If you figure out today how to focus on what is working you will be more likely to feel a bit of joy. You may also remember that everything is always in motion. Your feelings today will be different tomorrow. It might mean that you eventually will be able to find the peace and love you want. I wish you a day of light and happiness.




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