The Small But Important Moments

beach1111It is a beautiful day here in sunny Florida. This morning my family woke up to take time to go to the beach. We bought a croissant, coffee and ice cream for the kids. It was special sitting along the beach and watching the water and picture perfect location. My wife did some stretching and I did some meditation. These simple steps began our day in a calm and soothing manner.

We later took some time to care for each other. My wife went to get a massage to relieve her stress. I took a hot shower with water that allowed me to feel calmer. These simple ways to relax make a major difference in how we feel. Even 10 minutes of peace and relaxation often helps us recharge. You may decide to take a few steps to remember how to release tension.

I hope wherever you are today that you find some time for yourself. A few moments to bring your mind and body to be calm is very helpful. You may decide to start practicing something which makes you feel happier. I also enjoy writing as each day it allows me to share my experiences.

May your day be one of joy and love. I wish you have the best day no matter what you are facing. I give you much credit for taking time to read this which shows you are investing in learning. This may be a tool to help you recharge and rebuild.


Blake LeVine


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