A Story Of Courage

nature-sunset-1There was a man who saw struggles everywhere around him. He decided he had a choice in how to respond to everything. His response was to stay kind and generous to everyone. It turned out that eventually everyone worked out their problems. He too figured out the situations he was facing. His kindness helped keep those close to him calm.

Do you feel as if sometimes there is so much to handle? Would your story be better if you found a way to be nice during the storm? Maybe your openness and warmth will help those you love to stay strong. We all need each other and please know that everyone has a problem sometimes. You can be happier and continue to be a light. Even in the darkness a small light is very valuable.

Today I choose to tell you it will work out. I share you are a gift to our world. Your light is needed and valuable. When you find the courage to be strong than you are being brave. I know your a warrior and will be fine. I pray your situation only grows more peaceful, joyful and you stay close with anyone in your life.

When you are connected with others you are helping them and yourself. Don’t turn to sadness when having optimism is your light. You may even help someone else who sees your courage and serenity. Please know your are a talented and wonderful human being. Whatever created us would tell you how special and unique you are. Your not a mistake and are valuable.

With love,



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