Peace Is A Choice


Today I learned valid lesson. I was faced with a situation that I had my thoughts and the other person had theirs. It could have been a dispute but I chose to change and decide for peace.

This includes being kind to the lawyer representing the other party. I also chose to be kind to everyone at the court. I realize that I could choose to create peace or feel angry. This turned the whole experience around for all of us.

I know when you fight and are mean you drain everyones energy. When you are kind it will improve any problem. During the experience there was something that could have had me be upset. I decided in that moment to not lose my calm and to respond nicely.

It turns out we found a resolve that is fair. I left feeling just as good if not better than when I came. This taught that nothing has to knock you down. I am growing and learning to choose love always. It is happier when you are warm and open.

I now sit with my children and realize what is important (them).
Please know I send you peace, love and kindness. Your a very special person and are extremely valauble. Please know you are appreciated and cared about. I wish you a blessed day and may you always choose peace.



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