Searching For Truth

beach1111We sometimes look around at our situation and cannot figure out how we arrived where we are. I believe much of life is a journey which has many lessons to help us grow. One of the best skills is looking honestly at who you are and accepting of the reflection in the mirror. We all want to feel supported and accepted. It is vital to understand that we are all here with a purpose.

I remember working with a coach named Randy Spelling. He is a smart young man who has had a very interesting life. His best lesson for me was that you should never believe that someone else’s life is better than your own. You do not know exactly what they think or feel. It seems many of us look up to others thinking their lives are what we wish we had. I have seen some very interesting people in my 35 years of life. This includes meeting many celebrities and coming close to some of the most celebrated figures in the world.

It took time but I learned that many had achieved much of the glamour and success only to still remain unhappy. This has taught me that we must discover who we are authentically inside. When you love yourself you will find more joy within others around you. You may also find more patience and be accepting of the different individuals you come across.

I began to think about all of us. Whatever created us made us each unique. If we were all supposed to look a certain way wouldn’t we be exactly that? Maybe we need a world without tall, thin, fat, ugly, sexy, or anything else. The characteristics of our flesh do not determine our value. Is Oprah Winfrey not valuable because she is not extremely thin? Did Mother Teresa not impact our world even though when I met her I saw that her feet were extremely swollen and injured? These are just two illustrations that what you feel is not good enough really means very little about your ability to be a contributing member to our community.

I came across a man today while I shopped at Walmart. He works there at the checkout counter and always is warm and friendly. He seemed like he was upset and we began to have a great discussion. I watched as he cheered up and then began to be funny, kind and awesome. Each time I shop at the store and he helps me I feel my life has been a bit improved. Is he not valuable because his job does not make him rich? Is his value to the hundreds of customers who look forward to seeing him not important because he is not famous? I believe he is exactly where he should be right now. He impacts and helps many in my community. I share this to illustrate that no matter where you are you might be serving a very valuable purpose. We need not be upset and focus on our faults. You may choose to look at how truly beautiful you are. Remember that whatever created you made absolutely no mistake. You are terrific, divine and an important member of our world!


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