The Value Of Work Ethic With Bipolar Disorder

forestMy wife has taught me a great amount about work ethic. Over many years, she has had several positions as a physician assistant. This includes working for many terrific hospitals and doctors. She has almost never missed a day of work. I remember when she started her first job at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. The first few years there she never missed a day of work. She even won an award for her steadiness and never missing.

I am open that at this time I was in a job working with the homeless as a social worker at a non profit agency. There were several days during my two years there that I did not go to work. This includes a few times I felt sick, tired or just plain lazy. My wife’s dedication to her job provided me with a mirror to show how important consistency is.

I’ve watched many clients with bipolar struggle with maintaining a job. They often are excited and enjoy it and then lose interest. They also sometimes have a hard time doing a consistent 5 days a week every day. This tells me either to create a business that allows more flexibility or to work on developing your work ethic.

My experience today illustrates these points. I was referred a new client and they were only available on Saturday. I work up to meet them and was not feeling well. To be honest, I felt a bit out of it which I never feel. I decided to keep the appointment because I’ve learned that maintaining appointments is very important. I kept the session and it went well. As I was working I felt my purpose in helping others. When it was over I was feeling completely better. I find even on days I don’t feel well, I end up happier if I am productive.

Would you benefit from having more consistent efforts? Do you need to be able to stay at a job or career goal? My suggestion is to press forward even when you don’t feel like it. You may see your situation improve and be happy you put in the extra efforts.


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